Tips for managing maskne

It's been a hot topic for acne sufferers over the past 12 months. Literally! So what is maskne and what methods can be used to manage it. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter...   It’s thought that the heat, moisture, close covering of the skin (also known as occlusion by Dermatologis...

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Melasma treatment

Melasma is a common, acquired disorder of hyperpigmentation that causes brown patches on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip and jawline and has a significant impact on quality of life. Exposure to UV radiation & visible light, familial predisposition, pregnancy and exogenous hormones e.g. the c...

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Does diet play a role in acne?

A recent study published in the Dermatology journal Cutis concluded that most of the information found online regarding diet and acne was misleading or unfounded. This ranges from claims such as “salty and oily food cause acne” to lists provided by so-called experts of superfoods and supplements...

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What is the difference between teenage acne and adult acne?

Acne is my favourite subject and one of the most satisfying conditions to treat as a Dermatologist. Because of my specialist interest in this subject, I am often asked for my thoughts on why the condition occurs and how it can be managed. Here is an extract from an interview I did with The Sunda...

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All about acne!

What causes spots and blemishes? There are a number of potential causes for acne and any combination of these may be acting at the same time. 1. Genes play an important role. We know that a strong family history of acne and onset of acne at an early age can predict a more severe or persistent...

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Why lack of sleep is ruining your skin?

Sleep is increasingly recognised as being key to our general health and wellbeing, with sleep deprivation linked to car crashes, industrial disasters and other occupational errors. People who don’t get enough sleep are also more likely to have long-term health issues such as high blood pressure,...

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Coming off the pill

"You know the common story: Woman stops taking pill. Woman experiences acne. But, numerous word-of-mouth experiences aside, why does this happen to so many of us?" This question was put to me recently by Lucy Abbersteen of Marie Claire UK. To read my explanation, click here for...

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Time for teenage skin

Do you have a teenager in your life who is struggling with oily skin, blackheads or breakouts? Read below to discover my Dermatologist-approved tips for teenage skin. What age do boys and girls typically hit puberty? How does this affect their skin? The average age for girls to begin pub...

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Acne and the menstrual cycle

Whereabouts in our cycles are we most likely to experience breakouts?   Research indicates that between one and two thirds of female acne sufferers will have a flare around the time of their period. This is typically in the late luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, which falls be...

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Refinery 29 August 2018

We know sunbeds and sunbathing are bad news when it comes to increasing our chances of developing skin cancer, but what about the UV lamps used for gel manicures? Daniela Morosini asked me this very question for her recent article in Refinery29 and it turns out the answer isn't as simple as you...

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