Winter skin saviours

After a couple of long-haul flights, and with it feeling distinctly more autumnal, my skin is now taking the hit with dryness and peeling 😢. So....I have started to adjust my skincare regime to winter mode. This is one of my saviours... @biodermauk Hydrabio solution micellaire. A few drops of this lovely stuff soaked into a cotton pad and gently wiped across my face and neck removes all traces of make-up and leaves my skin squeaky clean without that miserable feeling of dehydration and tightness. You may be more familiar with it's more famous sister Sensibio solution micellaire (for sensitive skin types), which I also love. 

This week I will be sharing my personal favourite post-summer skincare products so keep an eye out!!

Day 2 of my winter skincare saviours. I LOVE Aveeno cream. Love it, love it, love it. I apply this generously all over my body after the shower and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and silky. Soaks in beautifully so no problems with sticky residue on clothes or keyboards.

Day 3 winter skincare saviour. Nipple balm, you may ask??!! This little beauty works wonders for dry, cracked lips. Pop it in your handbag and dab on frequently and liberally for soft kissable lips.

Day 4 of my winter skincare saviours. Do you suffer with small rough bumps on your upper outer arms? The so-called "chicken skin" appearance is due to a common inherited skin complaint called Keratosis Pilaris. My sisters and I are all prone to this, and mine tends to be more bothersome at this time of year when my skin is generally drier. I cannot recommend@ameliorate_skincare Skin Smoothing Body Lotion enough. I apply it to my arms and any other particularly dry or rough patches and have always been pleased with the outcome after a few days of use. It works best in combination with regular gentle exfoliation and I use a Buf Puf in the shower for this. Alternatives are Eucerin body lotion and Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion. Ameliorate also have a fab body polish (seen above), mitt and shower cream in the range, but I will give you some tips on my favourite body washes and skin exfoliation techniques later.


Day 5 winter skincare saviour. This little beauty @flexitol_@flexitolireland is the antidote to hard cracked heels caused by months of sandal wearing. The best way to use it? Apply a thick layer to affected areas at night (ideally after a bath or shower so the skin is softer) and massage firmly for a couple of minutes. To stop the product from sticking to your bed sheets, and to increase penetration of the balm, wear a pair of cotton socks overnight. It works pretty quickly so you can usually see an improvement after a week or so, but I would suggest maintaining results by continuing to use it a couple of times a week throughout winter. Sandal-ready feet by Spring!!

Day 6 of my winter skincare saviours is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser by Galderma. Available at most chemists including @bootsuk. I have used this simple cleanser for many years as it helped my skin tolerate the drying effects of multiple acne treatments through my teens and twenties. These days, some of the creams I use to prevent premature skin ageing cause dryness (and a bit of redness and peeling on occasion) so I am grateful for this stalwart which is also perfect for dry winter skin. Apply morning and evening to a wet face, massage gently for a minute or so, rinse off and dab dry. Follow with a micellar water such as the @biodermauk products I suggested on Day 1. And voila...clean skin, less dryness and irritation.

Day 7 of my winter skincare saviours...shower gels. I told you guys about Aveeno cream on Day 2. Well, I have been an unwavering fan of their body wash for years and it is one of my most frequently recommended skincare products. Just love it. One of my patients recently told me about these two beauties from @biodermauk so I've been trying them out. Both are soap-free cleansers so ideal for dry, taut, irritated skin which is often more pronounced in winter. The oil and the shower gel both have a very pleasant, but subtle fragrance and leave the skin feeling very comfortable after the shower. The shower gel is foaming for those who can't get their heads around non-foaming skin cleansers! Very pleased I tried them and love how they look on my bathroom shelf...gorgeous packaging.

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