New medical appointment - 30 mins £250
New cosmetic appointment - 60 mins £350
Follow-up appointment £250
Suture removal  £100

Surgical Procedures

Excision of skin lesion (per lesion)  £700
Shave or curettage (per lesion)  £600
Punch biopsy  £600
Histology fee also applies   

Cosmetic Treatments

Botulinum toxin 1 area  £250
Botulinum toxin 2 areas  £300
Botulinum toxin 3 areas  £400
Additional areas (per site)  £100
Axillary hyperhidrosis (underarms)  £600
Medical needling  from £250
Chemical peels  from £300
Dermal fillers from £300

Other Treatments

Cryotherapy (per lesion)
Cautery e.g. for vascular lesions (per lesion)
Cortisone injections for acne cysts & scars
from £150
Charged in addition to appointment fee 


Skin swabs or fungal scrapings
from £60
Blood tests e.g. isotretinoin  from £40

Please be aware that a laboratory fee for histological examination and reporting of any samples taken will be charged in addition to quoted surgical procedure fees.