Evening Standard March 2019

Oh wow! I was totally surprised and delighted this morning to be included by The Evening Standard as one of THE experts to follow on Instagram for an anti-BS approach to wellness alongside some of the awesome doctors I follow myself, like GPs Dr Zoe Williams and Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Gynaecologist Dr Anita Mitra.

“These days everyone seems to have an opinion on the lifestyle choices we should be making to be our best selves, whether that's through diet, fitness, skincare or intimate health. And thanks to social media, many now also have a platform to share their views – even if they're not qualified to do so. Enter a growing community of qualified doctors who, with this in mind, are using Instagram as a platform to debunk some of the health myths that are out there in their fields. While they're not allowed to give personal medical advice on social media, they offer a refreshing, anti-pseudoscience and evidence-based approach to wellness.” 

I have always loved the idea of working closely with other people and helping to make their lives better so a career in medicine was on the table from a very early age. My interest in the skin stems from my own personal experience with acne from the age of twelve right up until my late twenties. As a qualified doctor by that stage, I was determined that others shouldn’t endure the embarrassment and loss of self-esteem I suffered. I doubled my efforts and secured a place on the highly competitive dermatology specialist training programme so that I could become a Consultant Dermatologist. I have worked tirelessly over the past 3 years to set up and develop my own clinic devoted to caring for those suffering with acne and other skin concerns & this is 100 percent my top priority.


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