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Adult acne

Still waiting to grow out of your spots?

One of the most common things I hear in the clinic is “I never thought I’d have to deal with spots and wrinkles at the same time.” Unfortunately acne is not just a teenage problem. Around 10 – 20% of women continue to suffer with acne beyond their teenage years, and some even develop the condition in adulthood for the first time. Interestingly, adult acne appears to be on the rise.

What does adult acne look like?

Acne is characterised by the presence of comedones and pustules (pus-filled spots). Comedones are those small gritty, grainy, under-the-skin bumps that often appear together in crops.

On the more severe end of the spectrum, acne can also lead to larger, deeper and more tender spots, which us Dermatologists refer to as nodules and cysts. All of these have the potential to leave dark marks on the skin, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, as well as scarring which can be permanent.

Although it is possible to get the same type of blemishes as adults that we had when we were teenagers, women in their twenties, thirties and forties often experience breakouts on the cheeks, jawline, neck and chin. People often ask me what the underlying cause is for their blemishes. There are a number of potential causes for acne and any combination of these may be acting at the same time.

What should I do?

Although the chance you will continue to get breakouts does decrease with every decade, I still have patients coming to see me for the first time in their thirties, forties and fifties. The following tips are a good place to start if you’ve been struggling with your skin.

In order to bring acne under control, it is important to establish a solid skincare routine and stick to it every day. It is never too late to start. Cleanse your skin well twice daily and use a moisturiser and sunscreen designed for spot-prone skin.

Using products that aren’t designed for people with breakouts or blemishes can actually make things worse so choose carefully. The words “non-comedogenic” (meaning non pore-blocking) on the container or packaging indicate that the skincare brand has thought about spots when formulating the product. 

Over the counter solutions containing salicylic acid, azelaic acid, sulphur, zinc or niacinamide, for example, may help decrease congestion and calm blemishes if your symptoms are mild. If your symptoms are not mild, going round in circles with over the counter choices may just be delaying effective medical treatment.

There are a number of efficacious treatments and treatment combinations that can successfully bring acne under control and also techniques we can use to maintain the results in the longer run. These can all be tailored to your circumstances.

Most importantly, don’t suffer alone. If you’re already following all of these tips and still struggling to get your breakouts under control, it’s time to share your concerns and get help from a professional.

Taking action by seeking dermatologist input early can improve skin confidence and self esteem, as well as reduce the risk of permanent scarring.

It’s time to take back control and find an acne solution that works for you.

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Nuanced approach

We are all unique. Understanding your acne helps us find the best treatment for you.

5 stars

Thank you for everything. For your kindness and repeatedly going above and beyond. The last few years have been really difficult, but you’ve been a major part of me not giving up hope. You’ve been very much appreciated.

5 stars

Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise. You’ve made a huge difference to my confidence and have made every appointment such a pleasure.

5 stars

Justine was absolutely excellent. Wonderful bedside manner. Totally professional and in the know of so many different issues.
My treatment has already worked brilliantly and I would happily come back with any other problems. Thank you!!

5 stars

Dr Justine has completely changed my skin. From advice on products to use, to prescribing and adjusting medication, she has made such a difference. Would happily recommend her to anyone!

5 stars

5 stars are NOT enough for the wonderful Dr Kluk. She is truly professional, honest in her opinion and she takes great pride in the happiness of her clients. The best dermatologist!

5 stars

I now see foundation as a choice, and not a “need” like I used to, and I feel so comfortable in my own skin. Dr Kluk is so kind, understanding and knowledgeable.

5 stars

Dr Kluk has been part of the biggest improvement that I’ve had in my skin journey so far. I’m so comfortable in my skin now and we’ve still got plans for improvement!

5 stars

Justine is a complete expert about skin. She is so professional and friendly at the same time and I always know I’m in good hands with her. My skin dramatically improved after seeing her, giving me more confidence.

5 stars

Dr Kluk really listens and gives you an entirely bespoke plan, unlike some of her contemporaries who roll out a one size fits all plan for everyone, which fails to address more nuanced needs. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

5 stars

Dr Kluk was fantastic. She’s experienced, warm and very professional. She took time to understand my medical history and came up with a combined topical/ hormonal treatment that has really transformed the texture of my skin, reducing blackheads, scarring and breakouts.

5 stars

Justine was so reassuring and kind in her approach. She also clearly explained my treatment, so I feel really comfortable using the products. Fingers crossed it makes a difference – we’ll see in three months! Thanks Justine.

5 stars

The big difference with other clinics is that Dr Kluk went into great detail about how each cream should be used, in order to treat spots but avoid making my skin sore and inflamed. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

5 stars

Dr Kluk is beyond amazing. I haven’t seen my skin like this for years and she’s helped me regain my self-confidence. I would highly, highly recommend this clinic!

5 stars

I can’t recommend Dr Kluk enough. Her friendly, professional & warm manner instantly put me at ease. A sensible, steady approach has given me improvements beyond my expectations & continues to do so. I feel so lucky to have found her.

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