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Clear Skin Programme

A Personalised Roadmap to Overcome Adult Acne for Women

"Dr Kluk really listens and gives you an entirely bespoke plan, unlike some of her contemporaries who roll out a one size fits all plans for everyone, which fails to address more nuanced needs.
I couldn't recommend her enough."

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How It Works

In this on-demand programme, Dr. Justine Kluk, London’s leading acne dermatologist and skincare expert, will help you develop a thorough understanding of acne and what actually causes it. You will explore everything there is to know about acne and learn how to effectively address it with a personalised treatment plan focused on calming and controlling the condition.

Get instant access to 4+ hours of training, guidance, and worksheets.

Track your patterns and symptoms, take notes, and actively observe your progress with a 40-page interactive workbook! You’ll be able to reference it digitally or print it out for convenience.

Once you have an understanding about what’s happening in your skin, and the products you need to support it, you’ll build a personalised treatment plan to begin calming your skin.

Take Back Control of Your Skin

You Don’t Have to Accept Acne.

As London’s leading acne dermatologist, women often arrive in my clinic seeking answers after battling acne for a long time. I’m proud to say the care they receive is highly tailored to their unique skin needs – this is what makes treatment effective. 

Now my aim is to extend this care to those with female adult acne who are unable to visit my clinic because education, personalised care, and skin confidence should be available to women anywhere in the world. 

I am especially passionate about helping women with acne because I know from my almost 30-year-long personal experience that acne is more than just a condition of the skin…

Acne is a physical condition, but its psychological effects run wide and deep—and the distress caused by acne does NOT correlate with its severity. In other words, acne can make people feel anxious and miserable even when their cases are mild and relatively easy to treat. 

With little information available, women tend to try many different skincare products that don’t work – or make their condition worse – before getting expert help. Or, we spend a lot of time and money on solutions such as supplements, serums, gimmicks, and so on that also do not produce the desired results.

It’s no wonder a lot of acne sufferers wind up feeling resigned, like acne is simply their lot in life and they just have to accept it.

The Clear Skin Programme was designed to show you that you have more control than you think!

Treating acne isn’t about trying every trending tool, skin serum, and chemical peel out there. It’s about finding an effective strategy that’s specific to you.

Acne is a complex condition with a number of possible causes, and it’s different from person to person; even when I can quickly confirm that a patient is suffering from acne, I won’t immediately know what the best course of treatment looks like. I have to collect more information first. 

Through this program, I’ll guide you to collect the information you need, the same way I would in my clinic, to comprehensively understand what’s happening to your skin, identify your specific acne type and create a solution specific to you.

It’s quite possible you’ve been struggling with symptoms and no concrete answers or solutions for some time. I’m here to help.


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Acne is the eighth most prevalent disease in the world. Not the eighth most prevalent skin disease—the eighth most prevalent disease, period.

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will develop acne in their teens and twenties. However acne can persist into adulthood.


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Acne regresses by the age of 25 for many people, but not all; up to of females in their thirties have breakouts, along with ½ of women in their 20’s and ¼ of women in their 40’s.


are written every year for the treatment of acne and acne is the single most common reason that people go to see a dermatologist.

What You’ll Learn

in this comprehensive training

The Curriculum

Understanding Acne

Learn what acne is, why it is affecting you in your adult years, and how and why it’s essential to identify your unique acne type to determine effective treatment.

When It’s Not Acne?

Several skin conditions can be mistaken for acne; learn what these are, how to identify them, and the action steps to take to develop a treatment plan.

Treating Acne

Everyone’s acne is different, and treatment needs to be unique to you. Develop a step-by-step personalised skincare treatment plan with proven product recommendations and variations that can be aligned to your skin type.

Beyond Conventional Treatment

Your gut and skin have two unique microbiomes that impact one another. A healthy gut is important for healthy, radiant skin. Learn how nutrition and the health of your gut microbiome impacts your skin, and how to optimise the gut-skin connection.

Most women with acne try to find the best treatments by trial and error.

We pick products that “sounds right,” then pick again if we don’t like how they feel or when they don’t work.

We fall prey to marketing, browsing for skincare products that match our “skin type”, and end up disappointed when the results don’t match the promises. 

We go all in on that brand our friends or social media influencers tell us is the new miracle that will solve all our problems. Sadly, it doesn’t.

Over time, this can lead us in circles. Without a clear roadmap to follow, a lot of women can irritate their skin as much as they help it. 

The truth is that “skin type” is more of a marketing term than a dermatological one. Business-wise, it’s a good idea to give customers the impression that your product is meant specifically for them, but in dermatological reality, the “skin types” you’ll find in stores (for instance, “oily or combination skin”) are too broad and lack nuance, without any official standards or qualifications or definitions—and they lead a lot of people to believe that they need to “push back” against their skin type when the reality is considerably more complicated than that. 

And while it’s tempting to believe in miracle products, we shouldn’t ask our friends for skincare recommendations. Your skin is different from theirs, and (whether you realise it or not) accepting skincare advice from non-dermatologists often requires you to assume that everyone’s skin is essentially the same, which is definitely not true. 

That’s why I created this programme, to offer expert guidance that equips you with the information you need to build an effective acne treatment plan and skincare routine that’s personalised to you. 

Clear Skin Programme

A Personalised Roadmap to Overcome Adult Acne for Women

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"Dr Kluk is the doctor we all need! My skin has never looked better." — Current Patient

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Meet Dr Justine Kluk


London’s leading acne dermatologist

Dr Justine Kluk is a Consultant Dermatologist & skincare expert with a specialist interest in acne treatment.

Having suffered from acne, she understands the frustration and helplessness it can cause. Her own personal experience was the reason she went to medical school to become a Dermatologist.

Combining the latest and most effective prescriptions with individualised instruction on skincare, Dr Justine’s acne treatment strategies are highly personalised, evidence-based and scientifically verified.