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A guide to our fees

New patient appointment
Follow up appointment
Mole check (in clinic only)
Isotretinoin pre-treatment assessment (in clinic)
Appointments with Dr Kluk
New patient appointment in clinic
Follow up appointment in clinic
New patient appointment online
Follow up appointment online
Please note that online appointments are for acne only
Patients must be in the UK at the time of the online appointment
Psychodermatology service
New patient appointment
Follow up appointment
Course of 5 follow up appointments
Surgical procedures
Excision of skin lesion (per lesion)
Shave or curettage (per lesion)
Punch biopsy
Histology fee charged in addition
Cosmetic treatments
Botulinum toxin 1 area
Botulinum toxin 2 areas
Botulinum toxin 3 areas
Botulinum toxin to neck
Additional areas (per site)
Axillary hyperhidrosis (underarms)
Medical needling
From £450
From £550
Other treatments
Cryotherapy (per lesion)
Cautery e.g. for vascular lesions
From £195
Cortisone injections for acne cysts/scars
From £150
Suture removal
The above fees are charged in addition to the appointment fee
Tests, letters, repeat prescriptions etc
Skin swabs or fungal scrapings
From £65
Blood tests e.g. isotretinoin
From £45
Letters and repeat prescriptions (outside of a consultation)

Please be aware that a laboratory fee for histological examination of any samples taken will be charged in addition to quoted surgical procedure fees.

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