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Preventing premature skin ageing

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What can be done to slow down the signs of ageing?

As you might expect, I am frequently asked for skincare product suggestions when the conversation turns to preventing signs of premature skin ageing. My top ingredient picks for healthier, brighter and more youthful-looking skin are as follows:

1. Sunscreen

It is estimated that UV (ultraviolet) rays from sunlight are responsible for 80% of facial ageing. Pick a broad spectrum UVA/ UVB sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. UVB protection reduces the risks of sunburn and skin cancer and UVA protection prevents dark spots, fine line and wrinkle formation. Apply every single morning, come rain or come shine and make sure you top up your protection during the course of the day.

2. Antioxidants

The best researched example is vitamin C. Serums containing vitamin C e.g. L-ascorbic acid, tetra hexyl decyl ascorbate or sodium ascorbyl phosphate neutralise free radicals generated by UV rays and city pollution that degrade collagen leading to loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Vitamin C antioxidants can also help diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone, reduce dark spots and brighten our complexion.

3. Retinoids

These are vitamin A derivatives that boost collagen and promote cell renewal. When applied regularly to the skin, they improve skin texture and tone, tighten pores, reduce breakouts and minimise fine lines leading to smoother, firmer and brighter skin. They are usually applied at night to reduce photosensitivity (sensitivity to the sun) and need to be introduced gradually to reduce side effects e.g. dryness, tightness, peeling or irritation. A pea-sized quantity is sufficient for the face. Add more if you are treating your neck and upper chest too.

4. AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids)

These prevent the build-up of dead skin cells which increases radiance and gives a brighter, smoother, more even skin tone. Examples include glycolic, lactic or mandelic acid. Be careful about combining these with retinoids without expert guidance as both are known for their potential to cause irritation.

5. Peptides

Did you know that collagen production falls by 1% every year after the age of 25? Peptides, such as matrixyl, stimulate new collagen synthesis and are a great ingredient to look for in eye creams if retinol is not tolerated in the delicate eye area. Bonus points if they’re also found in your moisturiser or some of your other skincare products.

6. Hyaluronic acid

This is a powerful humectant, meaning it is capable of holding up to 1000 times it’s weight in water molecules so perfect for plumping dry, coarse, crepey skin. Given its soothing and hydrating abilities, it may also improve tolerability of ingredients like retinol or AHAs which can cause dryness and peeling when first introduced. A great ingredient to look for in your night cream.

So there you have it. My top tip, though….Keep it simple! I take this approach both to skincare and to cosmetic procedures. On the skincare front, it is so easy to end up with confused, congested and irritated skin if you chop and change your skincare products all the time and don’t allow them enough time to work. The same goes for trying to combine too many different ingredients into a routine. A few key items will do – you don’t have to use EVERYTHING just because you can.

Start by incorporating one or two ingredients into your daily routine to begin with and add sequentially as needed, or as tolerated by your skin. Even better, let us help you choose the combination of products that will work best together to meet your skin’s needs.

Is your skin is dull, lacklustre and in need of a pick-up? Would you like advice about how to slow the signs of skin ageing?

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5 stars

What I love is that Dr Kluk really cares about skin and has a holistic approach to skincare. No hard sell or confusing pseudoscience. She recommends what suits my skin best and takes all my specific lifestyle needs into account. She’s someone I will keep as my long term skin consultant for sure.

5 stars

I am extremely satisfied with the treatment – it was painless, well done and I am very pleased with the results . She is professional with a lovely manner- I would totally recommend her.

5 stars

Justine listened to all of my concerns, reviewed my skincare routine and gave a new revised routine with appropriately selected products. She examined me very thoroughly and was professional and friendly at the same time. I am following the new routine and already seeing improvements.

5 stars

Justine is extremely knowledgable, incredibly helpful and most of all very encouraging. I now have the understanding that there is a course of action for the prognosis, rather than feeling utterly overwhelmed by the lack of advice and knowledge I have seen prior to Justine. She is worth every penny.

5 stars

The skin plans are incredibly detailed and offer just the kind of support I was hoping for in terms of which are the most effective products to use and how they should be applied. I am feeling so much more positive already about my skin and I know I am in the best hands moving forward.

5 stars

I’ve struggled with several skin problems for past two years which affected my self esteem. Dr Justine was very supportive and reassuring. She tailored my treatments to make sure all skin problems would be addressed. So far, results are great. My skin is getting better and better, day by day.

5 stars

Dr Justine was amazing, very professional, humble and passionate about what she does (this part was very important to me). She takes time to explain the treatments very thoroughly, points you at specific websites/ extra materials to read about your particular problem. I am feeling very positive about my skin and very satisfied with the level of service.

5 stars

I saw Dr Kluk for a consultation after realising how much money I was spending on skincare with no educated advice and not seeing good results. She took time to review my skin, my lifestyle etc and has built an easy to follow routine. I was pleasantly surprised that the products are a mix of inexpensive and expensive items. So far so good. Thank you!

5 stars

Dr. Kluk was a pleasure to deal with. She is professional and compassionate, practical and flexible. I had an outpatient procedure and it was quick, easy and as went as she had described it beforehand. She took her time to explain everything and address my concerns and questions. I highly recommend her.

5 stars

I saw Justine this week and she was lovely, professional and listened to all my skin concerns. I now have a tailored skin plan to suit my skin and to tackle my skin issues. I also felt very comfortable with her and she answered all of my questions. I look forward to seeing the results from my new products.

5 stars

The strong, structured personalised plan always makes you feel like you’re moving forwards and gives you the confidence to be patient with treatment, which really is the key! On top of that, Dr Justine is so lovely & understanding. My only regret is not booking an appointment sooner.

5 stars

I consulted Dr Kluk on several occasions for cosmetic reasons. I was and am extremely satisfied with her professionalism, impeccable service levels and overall attitude, including aftercare. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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