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What is Rosacea and how is it treated?

Difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to live with, in the past few years more and more people have been coming to see me for help with rosacea.

What is it exactly?

Rosacea is a long term skin condition that causes facial redness and flushing. It often appears in our thirties and is more likely to occur in individuals with fair skin, however it can affect all ages, sexes and skin types. There are a number of factors believed to contribute to the development of rosacea. These include genetics, blood vessel abnormalities, hormonal influences, microorganisms and diet.

Although it is actually pretty common, rosacea is still poorly understood. Frustratingly for sufferers, there is typically a long delay in getting the correct diagnosis because lots of doctors do not recognise the symptoms. Sadly, it is not unusual for new patients to the clinic to tell me that they have tried all sorts of ineffectual, and sometimes inappropriate, treatments before coming to see me for the first time.

So what’s the big deal?

Rosacea is more than just a red face. It often begins with a tendency to flush or blush more easily. With time, some people develop more permanent redness of the nose and cheeks along with a multitude of other unpleasant symptoms. Some of the typical symptoms that my patients tell me about include rough, bumpy skin, dryness and scaling, pimples, burning and stinging when washing their faces or applying creams and sensitivity to multiple skin care products.

Broadly speaking there are four different types of rosacea, but it is not uncommon for these to overlap in the same person. Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea causes redness, flushing and dilated blood vessels. Papulopustular rosacea causes acne-like breakouts. Phymatous rosacea gives rise to skin swelling and thickening, for example of the nose. This is known as rhinophyma and is one of the most feared features of the condition. Ocular rosacea causes gritty eyes and swollen lids.

As rosacea is such a visible condition, people often tell me that they feel anxious or embarrassed about their appearance. The outcome of this may be that they have started to withdraw from social situations, to shy away from loved ones or avoid personal relationships or they may have experienced loss of self-esteem in the workplace. Many have already spent lots of money on skincare products to try and calm their skin or feel the need to wear heavy makeup to conceal the redness. Some may even be too embarrassed to ask for help, or may have been turned away when seeking advice through the usual routes as the psychological impact of all of this is grossly underestimated.

At present there is no cure for rosacea, however in the hands of a dermatologist who is interested and experienced in treating the condition, there are a number of effective prescriptions and procedures that can help bring symptoms under control and keep them in check. The choice of treatment depends on the type of rosacea and, of course, patient preference. Crucial to maintaining results in the longer term are being empowered to identify and avoid your specific triggers and having a good skincare routine that you can rely on. This is how I can help you feel better about your skin, both now and in the future.

Would you like to better understand your rosacea and the different treatments and skincare products available to help?

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5 stars

I’ve struggled with several skin problems for past two years which affected my self esteem. Dr Justine was very supportive and reassuring. She tailored my treatments to make sure all skin problems would be addressed. So far, results are great. My skin is getting better and better, day by day.

5 stars

Dr Justine was amazing, very professional, humble and passionate about what she does (this part was very important to me). She takes time to explain the treatments very thoroughly, points you at specific websites/ extra materials to read about your particular problem. I am feeling very positive about my skin and very satisfied with the level of service.

5 stars

I saw Justine this week and she was lovely, professional and listened to all my skin concerns. I now have a tailored skin plan to suit my skin and to tackle my skin issues. I also felt very comfortable with her and she answered all of my questions. I look forward to seeing the results from my new products.

5 stars

I have seen Dr Kluk a number of times and she is great. Very personable and easy to relate to; she is also conscious of private medical costs and won’t make you have unnecessary appointments, etc. My treatment was for acne and rosacea and I am so impressed with the results after years of putting up with bad skin. I would highly recommend her.

5 stars

The skin plans are incredibly detailed and offer just the kind of support I was hoping for in terms of which are the most effective products to use and how they should be applied. I am feeling so much more positive already about my skin and I know I am in the best hands moving forward.

5 stars

After years of being treated elsewhere for my skin and not having any positive outcomes, my skin is a lot healthier now, smoother and is in better condition because I started seeing Dr Kluk. She is an amazing doctor; professional, kind, compassionate and has good bedside manner.

5 stars

The strong, structured personalised plan always makes you feel like you’re moving forwards and gives you the confidence to be patient with treatment, which really is the key! On top of that, Dr Justine is so lovely & understanding. My only regret is not booking an appointment sooner.

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